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The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix – 5069-L306ER is an advanced automation controller (PAC) with built-in user memory, offers advanced programming, diagnostics and control functions,

User memory with a capacity of 0.6 MB, 1 USB 2.0 port with a transmission speed of up to 12 Mb/s, allows you to configure up to 32 tasks, each of which can handle 1000 programs.

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    CompactLogix 5000 is an advanced family of PLCs manufactured by Allen-Bradley. They are part of the Logix series of controllers that offer advanced programming, diagnostics and control functions for a variety of industrial applications.

    The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5069-L306ER is a programmable automation controller (PAC) with compact and expandable hardware, known for use in a variety of industrial applications in a variety of industrial fields.

    The 5069-L306ER has 0.6MB of built-in user memory. This memory does not require the use of a battery as it is equipped with an energy storage system to store the contents of the user’s memory without the need for a battery. In addition, optional memory cards such as the 1784-SDHC8 (8GB), 1784-SDHC32 (32GB) and 9509-CMSDCD4 (4GB) CodeMeter CmCard can be used to increase non-volatile memory capacity.

    The 5069-L306ER can support the installation of up to eight (8) 5069 Compact I/O modules. These are compact I/O modules that effectively save panel space, contributing to lower installation costs for this 5069 controller.

    In terms of communication, the 5069-L306ER has one (1) USB 2.0 port with transfer speeds up to 12 Mbps and a Dual Ethernet I/P interface supporting line, star and ring topologies. The Ethernet ports are capable of exchanging data at 10/100/1Gbps in full duplex mode.

    The 5069-L306ER model allows you to configure up to 32 tasks, each of which can handle 1000 programs. All event triggers are handled by this controller. User programs can be written in relay ladder languages (LD), text structures (ST), function block diagrams (FBDs), and sequential function diagrams (SFCs).

    This module has a built-in USB port and two Ethernet ports. The Ethernet performance of this module is 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps in full duplex mode only. The maximum number of EtherNet/IP nodes supported by this module is 16. The memory capacity of this module is 0.6 MB.

    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
    Programs supported: 1000 per task
    Controller Tasks supported: 32 Tasks
    No. of Axes: 256
    Maximum number of I/O modules supported:                                                                  Eight (8) 5069 I/O Modules
    Non-Volatile memory: 1784-SD2 card with 2 GB of available memory (shipped with controller) ; 1784-SDHC8 (8 GB), 1784-SDHC32 (32 GB),and 9509-CMSDCD4 (4 GB) CodeMeter CmCard card.
    User Memory: 0.6 MB Standard;
    Supported topologies: Linear, Star and Ring
    Product Type: 5380 CompactLogix controller
    Product Family: CompactLogix
    Ethernet performance: 10/100/1Gbps
    Communication Ports Two (2) Ethernet I/P; One (1) USB
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Part Number/Catalog No. 5069-L306ER
    Module Type Controller
    Application Memory 0.6 Megabytes
    Ethernet/IP Nodes 16 Ethernet/IP Nodes
    Supported Ethernet/IP Network Topologies Device Level Ring, Star, and Linear
    I/O Expansion 8 I/O
    Motion Axes 0 Motion Axes
    Programming Languages Sequential Function Chart, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, and Ladder Diagram
    Dimensions 5.4 x 0.9 x 4.2 in (138 x 22 x 105 mm)