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ALLEN-BRADLEY ControlLogix MODULE 4 PT A/OI/V – 1756-OF4

The Allen Bradley ControlLogix 1756-OF4 Analog Output Module is a four-channel, non-isolated analog output module that provides accurate and reliable control of a variety of processes in a variety of applications. industrial. This module is used to control actuators and modulating devices.

4 voltage or current outputs available with a current resolution of 15 bits at 21 mA, 650 nA/bit for a voltage resolution of 16 bits at 10.5 V, 320 µV/bit. Requires 20-pin RTB housing or removable terminal block to connect to field devices.

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    Allen-Bradley CompactLogix – Advanced PLC controllers enabling fast and effective data processing and execution of advanced control algorithms for industrial processes.

    The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix – 1756-OF4 Analog Output Module is a four-channel, non-isolated analog output module that is a key component in industrial automation systems. This module offers precise and reliable control of various processes in a variety of industrial applications. Thanks to its advanced technology and versatile application, the 1756-OF4 module is irreplaceable in applications requiring precise regulation and monitoring of analog signals.

    Technical specifications:

    • 4 channels of analog outputs, which allows you to control various parameters at the same time.
    • The module supports various output signal ranges such as DC (4-20 mA) and DC voltage (0-10 V), allowing for flexible adaptation to different application requirements.
    • High resolution outputs for precise and accurate control of analog values.
      The 1756-OF4 is equipped with advanced diagnostics to help quickly identify and troubleshoot system issues.
    • This module has voltage and current signal outputs with signal ranges of -/+ 10VDC and 4-20 mA respectively.

    This module is used to control actuators and modulating devices. This module installs directly into any 1756 ControlLogix enclosure. Thanks to its reliability and versatile use, the 1756-OF4 module allows you to optimize processes and increase efficiency in a variety of industrial applications.

    Specific features of the 1756-IF8 include rolling data timestamp, live removal and insertion (RIUP), built-in functions, module resolution, producer/consumer communication, and multiple data formats. The data formats available for this module are floating point mode and integer mode. This module can also broadcast fault and status data to the owner listening controller using channel data.

    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Part Number/Catalog No. 1756-OF4
    Series ControlLogix
    Outputs 4 Current-Voltage
    Module Type Analog Output Module
    Output Voltage Range ±10V
    Output Current Range 4…20 mA
    Output Voltage Resolution 15 bits across 10.5V, 320 µV/bit O
    Output Current Resolution 15 bits across 21 mA, 650 nA/bit
    Backplane Current (5Volts) 150 milliamps
    Backplane Current (24 Volts) 120 milliamps
    Power Dissipation (Max) 4.9 Watts at 60 Celsius
    Removable Terminal Blocks 1756-TBNH, 1756-TBSH
    Isolation Voltage 50 Volts Continuous