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ALLEN-BRADLEY INVERTER PowerFlex 40 4 kW (5 HP) – 22B-D010N104

The Allen-Bradley Powerflex 40 – 22B-D010N10 is a 3-phase, compact drive that is relatively compact in size, used in lower power applications with less complex requirements such as pumps, fans, conveyors and other industrial equipment.

4 kW, 5 HP output power and 10.5 A output current, Input voltage range 340 to 528 volts AC, IP20.

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    The PowerFlex 40 are compact inverters that are relatively small in size. They are often used in applications with lower power and less complex requirements.

    The Allen-Bradley Powerflex 40 Series – 22B-D010N10 is a 480 VAC rated 3-phase drive. This drive supports panel mounting with a user interface module (HIM) that users can use to configure, monitor and control the drive.

    The input voltage range of the 22B-D010N104 is 340 to 528 volts AC. It has an output power of 4 kW (5 hp) and an output current of 10.5 A. This PowerFlex 40 drive features sensorless vector control that allows the drive to automatically provide auto-boost and slip compensation. With this feature, the 22B-D010N104 is also able to provide exceptional speed regulation and high levels of torque throughout the entire speed range of the drive, even as the load increases.

    With integrated sensorless vector control, the 22B-D010N104 is able to provide high starting torque and excellent speed regulation. Combined with the PID algorithm (Proportional + Integral + Derivative process), the VFD itself can act as a controller. In addition, the 22B-D010N104 has built-in input and output channels that allow external signals and receiving devices to be wired to operate the drive based on field signals. The operation of the drive is not limited to wiring, as it can also be operated and configured via the RS485 communication interface or by installing additional communication modules.

    I/O Terminal: Discrete Inputs: 3 fixed for START/STOP/REV; 4 Fully Programmble Discrete Outputs: 4 fully programmable; Analog Input: 2 0…10V or 4…20 mA (unipolar) 1 +/- 100V (bipolar) Discrete Output: 1 – N.O/N.C. dry contact; 2 Digital / Optocoupler
    Built-in Communication port: RS485
    Keypad: LED Keypad
    Enclosure Rating: IP20 / NEMA UL Type Open
    Installation: Panel Mount
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    Rated Power: 4.0 kW (5.0 HP)
    Rated Current output: 10.3 A
    Input Phase: 3-Phase
    Input Voltage: 380-480VAC
    Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Part Number/Catalog No. 22B-D010N104
    Product Line Powerflex 40
    Voltage 480 Volts AC
    Horsepower 5 Horsepower
    Amperage 10.0 Amps
    Phases 3
    Communication       RS-485
    Input Type Keypad
    Preset Speeds 8
    Frame Size B
    Enclosure IP20, NEMA/UL
    Enclosure IP20, NEMA/UL
    Dimensions 180.07 x 100 x 136 millimeters