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ALLEN-BRADLEY INVERTER PowerFlex 525 15 kW (20 HP) – 25B-D030N114

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 – 25B-D030N114 Inverters are 323-528 VAC, 3-phase with a suitable 30.0 amp motor output and 15.0 kW (20.0 hp) for ambient service normal and heavy.

3 Phase, Output Power 15 kW (20 HP), Input Voltage 323-528 VAC, IP20 / NEMA UL Open Type,

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    The PowerFlex 525 drives allow precise control of motor speed, which is extremely important in production processes with changing requirements.

    The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 – 25B-D030N114 is designed for applications requiring precise speed control in industrial motors. This drive, being the final control element, allows speed control via the input speed value via the built-in analog channels.

    The 25B-D030N114 drive is housed in a D-type housing. It can be installed in zero-voltage systems, saving space and installation costs. In addition, it is equipped with an Ethernet I/P communication interface and an RS485/DSI communication port. Configuration and operation are carried out using the built-in keyboard and LCD display.

    This drive offers a variety of programmable control methods such as sinusoidal PWM, sensorless vector control, economizer SVC motor control, closed speed vector control, surface mount, as well as internal permanent magnet motor (no encoder) and internal permanent magnet motor (with encoder). These control methods increase efficiency, especially when the drive is used with an encoder.

    The 25B-D030N114 drive is a three-phase converter with a rated voltage of 480 V AC. It has an output current of 30 A and is supplied with a standard interface module. This model has a D-type housing and an EMC filtering option.

    Built-in Ethernet I/P communication port and multilingual LCD human-machine interface enable local operation and configuration. An isolation transformer with an accessible input choke is also available. Model 25B-D030N114 also has branch circuit protection.

    • Power and Operating Range: Provides 15 kW (20 HP) output
    • Speed Control: The PowerFlex 525 allows for precise motor speed control, which is critical in a variety of manufacturing processes.
    • Communication: Has multiplexed inputs/outputs (I/O) for easy integration with other devices in the system.
    • Programmability: Offers the ability to program in a variety of languages, including textual and graphical language.
    • Diagnostics: It is equipped with advanced diagnostic functions, which makes it easy to monitor the status of the device and detect problems quickly.
    • Energy Conservation: The PowerFlex 525 has speed and torque controls that contribute to energy conservation in the motor operation process.
    • Mounting and Design: The compact design makes it easy to assemble, and the modular design provides flexibility to adapt to various applications.

    The PowerFlex 525 25B-D030N114 drive is suitable for applications where advanced motor speed control, energy saving and integration with other devices in the industrial automation system are required.

    Product Family: PowerFlex 40P
    Optional communication protocols: Dual Ethernet I/P; DeviceNet; ProfiBus DP
    Built-in communication port: Ethernet I/P
    Enclosure Rating: IP20 / NEMA UL Type Open
    Installation: Panel Mount / DIN Rail
    I/O: Discrete Inputs: Seven (7) Sink / Source Discrete Outputs: One (1) N.O.; One (1) N.C. Contacts; Two (2) Digital / Optocoupler Analog Input: Two (2) Analog Input 0-10VDC; 0- 20mA Analog Output: One (1) Analog Input 0-10VDC; 0- 20mA
    Output Power: 15.0 kW (20.0 HP)
    Output Voltage: 0-460VAC
    Input Current: 33.0 A
    Input Phase: 3-Phase
    Input Voltage: 323-528 VAC
    Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Output Current 30.0 A
    Part Number/Catalog No. 25B-D030N114
    Series PowerFlex 525 Drive
    Voltage Three Phase, 480 VAC
    Enclosure Type IP20 NEMA / Open Type
    Interface Module Standard
    Frame Size Frame D
    EMC Filtering Options Filter