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ALLEN-BRADLEY INVERTER PowerFlex 525 7.5kW (10hp) – 25B-D017N114

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The 25B-D017N114 is a PowerFlex 525 Variable Frequency Drive. This drive is a compact, scalable drive that is primarily used to control the speed modulation of an AC motor.

7.5 kW 10 HP, 3 phase, Built-in communication port: Ethernet I/P / RS485, IP20 / NEMA UL Open type.

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    The PowerFlex 525 drives allow precise control of motor speed, which is extremely important in production processes with changing requirements.

    The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 – 25B-D017N114 Variable Frequency Drive that provides 7.5kW (10hp) output in both normal and heavy duty operation.

    The 25B-D017N114 drive has a consistent output under both normal and heavy duty, reaching 17 A rated output current. Its performance and reliability are further enhanced by its IP20-rated housing.

    The 25B-D017N114 operates effectively with supply voltages ranging from 323 to 528 VAC and frequencies between 47 and 63 Hz. Exceedable output frequency, programmable at the level of 0-500 Hz, provides flexibility and adaptation to various needs.

    This advanced drive offers basic motor control functions such as Start/Stop, Forward/Reverse, Jog, and the ability to operate locally or remotely. Support is also provided by the integrated Human Interface Module (HIM) in model 25B-D017N114. This interface contains a set of built-in buttons including Start, Stop, Forward, Reverse, and Jog or jog. In addition, the presence of a round dial with a built-in potentiometer allows for precise adjustment of the output frequency, which directly affects the speed of the motor. The HIM has an LDC readout to monitor the operating status of the drive, and navigation and confirmation keys to help configure the drive.

    25B-D017N114 has a built-in Ethernet/IP port, which allows for easy control and configuration of the device and effective data collection. Personalization is possible with the Quickview and CustomView apps. The device is compatible with various types of communication cards, providing comprehensive integration with Allen-Bradley drives.

    This drive model is mounted on a DIN rail, which guarantees a simple and convenient installation process. To ensure safe use, the device must be enclosed in an IP20 NEMA-certified enclosure, ensuring effective protection against adverse environmental conditions.

    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Input Voltage: 323-528 VAC
    Built-in communication port: Ethernet I/P / RS485
    Integrated safety: Safe-Torque Off (STO) functionality
    PointStop Technology: Integrated
    Control Method: Volts per Hertz (V/Hz), Sensorless Vector Control (SVC), Closed loop velocity vector control, and Permanent Magnet motor control.
    Enclosure Rating: IP20 / NEMA UL Type Open
    Zero Stacking: Supported
    Installation: Panel Mount / DIN Rail
    I/O: Discrete Inputs: Seven (7) Sink / Source Discrete Outputs: One (1) N.O.; One (1) N.C. Contacts; Two (2) Digital / Optocoupler Analog Input: Two (2) Analog Input 0-10VDC; 0- 20mA Analog Output: One (1) Analog Input 0-10VDC; 0- 20mA
    Output Power: 7.5 kW or 10 HP
    Output Voltage: 0-460VAC
    Input Phase: 3-Phase
    Part Number/Catalog No. 25B-D017N114
    Product Family: PowerFlex 525
    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
    Output Current 17 A
    Series PowerFlex 525 Drive
    Voltage Three Phase, 480 VAC
    Enclosure Type IP20 NEMA / Open Type
    Interface Module Standard
    Frame Size Frame C
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