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The Allen-Bradley POINT I/O – 1734-IB8 eight-channel input module used in integration with PLC controllers, providing a high-performance digital input solution for industrial applications.

Number of Inputs 8, Module Type Digital DC Input, Input Voltage: 24 Volts DC.

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    POINT I/O modules offer a variety of input and output options such as digital, analog, thermocouples, and more, allowing them to be tailored to specific application requirements.

    The Allen-Bradley POINT I/O – 1734-IB8 is an eight-channel input module within the 1734 Point I/O product family, designed to integrate with PLC controllers, providing a high-performance digital input solution for industrial applications.

    The 1734-IB8 input channels operate in a sink configuration with a nominal voltage of 24 VDC. The on-state voltage range is 10 VDC to 28.8 VDC and the on-state current range is 2 mA to 5 mA. This module has a fixed input filter of 0.5ms and a user-configurable filter with a range of 0ms to 63ms. Its compact design saves installation space and easy DIN rail mounting for easy integration requires a clamp base such as the 1734-TB or 1734-TBS.

    It has status LED indicators to indicate the operational status of each input channel and one network status indicator. The 1734-IB8 is installed with POINT I/O communication adapters and is also compatible with DeviceNet and ProfiBus adapters.

    The 1734-IB8 module draws 75 mA at 5 V DC and has a power dissipation of 1.6 W. It can be mounted on a DIN rail mounting base. It has 8 inputs and 4 status indicators. The insulation voltage is 50 V DC and the maximum ambient temperature is 55 degrees Celsius. This module has an open housing and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

    It is recommended to install the module in a clean and dry environment and the assembly should be carried out by an expert to guarantee correct operation.

    The POINT I/O series aims to provide flexible and powerful I/O solutions that enable integration with various controllers, networks and devices. POINT I/O modules are typically compact, allowing them to be mounted close to field devices, reducing wiring lengths and installation costs. POINT I/O modules usually work with various industrial networks, such as EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet or ControlNet, which allows for flexible and scalable communication in control systems.

    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
    No. of Inputs 8; Sinking input
    Input status indicators 8 yellow, logic side
    Module Status indicators  1 green/red, logic side
    Module Location 1734-TB or 1734-TBS wiring base assembly
    Keyswitch position 1
    Enclosure type rating None (open-style)
    Weight, approx. 31.8 g (1.12 oz)
    Dimensions 56 x 12 x 75.5 mm (2.2 x 0.47 x 2.97 in.)
    Input Filter Time 0.5 ms hardware plus 0…63 ms (user-selectable)
    Input Current, nominal 4mA @24VDC
    Input Current range 2-5mA
    Input Voltage range 10-28.8VDC
    Power Dissipation 1.6 Watt/5.5 BTU/hour
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Part Number/Catalog No. 1734-IB8
    Series POINT I/O
    Module Type Digital DC Sinking Input
    Input Voltage 24 Volts DC
    POINTBus Current 75 mA
    Power Dissipation 1.6 Watt/5.5 BTU/hour