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The Allen-Bradley POINT I/O – 1734-OB8 eight-channel input module used in integration with PLC controllers, providing a high-performance digital input solution for industrial applications.

Number of inputs 8, Module type Digital DC input, Input voltage: 24 volts DC, Weight 35.4 g, Dimensions 56 x 12 x 75.5 mm

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    POINT I/O modules offer a variety of input and output options such as digital, analog, thermocouples, and more, allowing them to be tailored to specific application requirements.

    The Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8 product is an eight-channel discrete input module designed to power a variety of electrical devices such as relays, indicator lights, and solenoid-operated devices. It operates in the voltage range of 10-28.8 VDC, enabling the control of terminal elements (FCE) for manual or automatic commands according to a program of preloaded instructions.

    The 1734-OB8 is distinguished by its small, ergonomic design and allows mounting on a standard DIN rail. Its compact dimensions are 56.0 x 12.0 x 75.5 mm (2.21 x 0.47 x 2.97 inches), saving space in mounting systems. This module can be seamlessly connected to adjacent POINT I/O components or POINT I/O communication adapters. It is important to note that the limits on the number of 1734-OB8 instances are based on the memory capacity of the controller and the allowed number of POINT I/O nodes that the particular communication protocol and adapter supports.

    The 1734-OB8 module is not capable of operating in isolation, it requires the use of a POINT I/O communication adapter, which supervises the two-way transmission between the controller and the POINT I/O module. It is worth noting that the module is powered from the bus, drawing energy from the POINT I/O bus with the expected current consumption of 75 mA. To connect to this module, it is necessary to use special wiring bases such as 1734-TB or 1734-TBS.

    The 1734-OB8 has a rated output current of 1.0 A per channel, reaching a maximum of 3.0 A per module. The minimum on-state voltage is 10 VDC and the maximum is 28.8 VDC.

    It is also worth noting that the 1734-OB8 is equipped with 8 yellow signaling lamps informing about the output status and 2 green and red lamps indicating the module status and network status. Its design ensures an effective heat dissipation of 6.8 BTU/hour, and the insulation voltage is 50 V continuously, which is confirmed by testing at 2500 V DC for 60 seconds.

    The 1734-OB8 module is designed for applications with operating temperatures ranging from -25 to 55 degrees Celsius and storage conditions ranging from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. Its ability to work in difficult conditions is confirmed by shock parameters – 30G (operational) and 50G (non-operational), and vibration at the level of 5G in the frequency range from 10 to 500 Hz. Relative humidity should be between 5 and 95%, avoiding condensation.

    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
    Module Location 1734-TB or 1734-TBS wiring base assembly
    Keyswitch position 1
    Enclosure type rating None (open-style)
    Weight, approx. 35.4 g (1.25 oz)
    Dimensions 56 x 12 x 75.5 mm (2.2 x 0.47 x 2.97 in.)
    Output Signal delay 0.1 ms
    Output Current per module, max. 3:00 AM
    Output Current per channel, nom. 1:00 AM
    Output Voltage range 10-28.8VDC
    No. of outputs 8; Sourcing output
    Module Status indicators 2 green/red, module / network status
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Input status indicators 8 yellow, logic side
    Part Number/Catalog No. 1734-OB8
    Series POINT I/O
    Module Type Digital DC Sourcing Output
    Output Voltage 24 Volts DC
    POINTBus Current 75 mA
    Power Dissipation 2.0 Watt/6.8 BTU/hour
    Outputs 8
    Electronically Protected Yes
    Output Current 3 amps/module
    Thermal Dissipation 6.8 BTU/hour