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The Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance Terminal – 2711P-T7C22D9P, used to enter commands into the network via an 18-bit color TFT display, combines advanced technology with an easy-to-read display. Designed for industrial applications.

7″ screen, 512MB RAM and 512MB storage, EtherNet/IP, DH+/RIO, Modbus TCP.

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    PanelView Plus 7 Performance: Advanced HMI panel terminal for precise visualization and control of industrial processes.

    The Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance series touch terminal – 2711P-T7C22D9P, is an excellent 7″ HMI touch panel that combines advanced technology with an easy-to-read display. Designed for industrial applications, this terminal offers not only exceptional performance, but also aesthetics a design that enriches any place where it is used.

    Main features and functions:

    • The 2711P-T7C22D9P features a 7-inch color display that perfectly showcases data and user interface for exceptional readability and clarity.
    • Thanks to its high screen resolution, this panel guarantees the display of graphics, texts and data with absolute precision, allowing the user to monitor and control industrial processes with ease.
    • PanelView Plus 7 Performance supports various communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, DH+/RIO, Modbus TCP, which enables easy integration with other devices and systems, creating a coherent industrial ecosystem.
    • The 2711P-T7C22D9P terminal offers flexible mounting options, making it easy to place it on a panel, wall or stand to suit your specific application needs.
    • Equipped with a fast processor, the HMI panel provides lightning-fast response time and efficient data processing, which is crucial for smooth and effective control of industrial processes.
    • The robust and damage-resistant housing makes the 2711P-T7C22D9P terminal ready to work in demanding industrial conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in the most difficult environments.

    The PanelView Plus series panels are powerful touchscreens for entering commands into the network via a 18-bit, 640 x 480 VGA color TFT display. The LED backlight of this panel has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. It also has two 10/100 Base-T DLR Ethernet ports. In addition, it has a pair of high-speed USB Type-A 2.0 ports and one high-speed 2.0 device port.

    A number of accessories can be purchased with the 2711P-T7C22D9P, including various protective caps, power terminal blocks, SD (Secure Digital) cards and battery replacements. The device has several certifications, including but not limited to ATEX Zone 2, 22, CE (LVD) and EAC.

    It has two (2) Ethernet interfaces that are used to integrate controllers in the factory floor and connect the system to the enterprise level. Ethernet can be used over distances not exceeding 100 meters, but can be easily extended using Ethernet switches or a fiber converter. Supports 10/100Mbps transmission speed with auto-negotiation.

    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Display Area: 132 x 99 mm (5.2 x 3.9)
    Display Type: Color Active Matrix TFT LCD
    Operating force: 100 grams
    Actuation rating: 1 million presses
    Touch screen: Analog resistive touchscreen
    Operator Input: Touch
    Product Family: PanelView Plus 7 Performance Graphic Terminals
    Resolution: 640 x 480 SVGA, 18-Bit
    Backlight: CCFL 50,000 hours life, minimum
    Product Type PanelView Plus 7 10-inch Performance Terminals
    Application memory: 512 MB RAM and 512 MB storage; User memory 80 MB
    Communication ports:         (3) USB; (1) RS232; (1) Ethernet
    Part Number/Catalog No. 2711P-T7C22D9P
    Display Size 6.5 inches
    Input Voltage range: 18-30VDC
    Product Line Panelview Plus 7
    Input Type Touchscreen
    Display Color Color
    Memory 512 MB
    Input Voltage 24 Volts DC
    Backlight LED
    Weight 2.65 pounds
    Power Consumption 50 Watts