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The Allen-Bradley POINT I/O – 1734-IE8C analog input module allows you to acquire and monitor data from a variety of sensors and analog devices. The module offers precise configuration options for analog readings, including sampling and filtering times.

8 channels of analog inputs, 16-bit resolution, Terminal base: Wiring base assembly 1734-TB3, 1734-TB3S.

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    POINT I/O modules offer a variety of input and output options such as digital, analog, thermocouples, and more, allowing them to be tailored to specific application requirements.

    The Allen-Bradley POINT I/O – 1734-IE8C analog input module plays an important role in industrial automation systems, enabling the acquisition and monitoring of data from various sensors and analog devices. Equipped with 16-bit resolution, this module can receive analog signals with a range of 0 to 21 mA. Its absolute accuracy is 0.1% of full scale at 25 degrees Celsius and its input impedance (resistance) is 60 ohms. The conversion type is the delta-sigma type typical for this type of device.

    With eight (8) channels of analog inputs, the 1734-IE8C allows you to seamlessly connect and read data from a variety of sensors such as temperature, pressure and level. It supports a wide input voltage range of -10 V to 10 V DC and a signal range of -20 mA to 20 mA.

    The module offers precise configuration options for analog readings, including sampling and filtering times. It also has the ability to compensate for temperature, ensuring the accuracy of measurements even in changing environmental conditions. To operate, the 1734-IE8C requires a suitable terminal base, such as the 1734-TB or 1734-TBS, and a POINT I/O communication adapter. It is compatible with various communication interfaces, facilitating integration with various control systems.

    Within a wide range of functions, POINT IO analog input modules, including the 1734-IE8C, offer a variety of possibilities. They support scaling to different engineering units, provide channel-level diagnostics, generate built-in data alarms in the same range, and support the integer format. The distinctive design of the 1734-IE8C provides exceptional flexibility compared to other solutions. This is due to individually configurable channels, selectable input filters, and the ability to detect and signal out-of-range or over-range.

    The POINT I/O product line is designed for programmable logic controllers (PLC) and is used primarily in decentralized I/O systems. Due to their compact and scalable nature, POINT I/O modules, including the 1734-IE8C, are ideal for a variety of applications where effective management of distributed I/O resources while maintaining project profitability is crucial.

    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Part Number/Catalog No. 1734-IE8C
    Series POINT I/O
    Module Type Analog Input Module
    Inputs Eight (8) single-ended, non-isolated
    Input Conversion Type Sigma Delta
    Signal Type Current
    Input Signal Range 4…20 mA 0…20 mA
    Input Resolution 16 bits across 0 to 21 mA
    Conversion Type Delta Sigma
    Absolute Accuracy 0.1% Full Scale @ 25 °C
    Channel-level diagnostics Yes
    Data format Signed Integer
    Resolution 16 bits – over 0…21 mA 0.32 ?A/cnt
    Terminal base 1734-TB3, 1734-TB3S wiring base assembly
    Power Dissipation 0.6 W @ 28.8V DC
    Thermal Dissipation 2.0 BTU/hr @ 28.8V DC