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The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Analog Output Module – 5069-OF8 Provides the advanced capabilities it offers for generating and controlling analog signals. The module allows you to configure both voltage and current signals, which provides a wide range of adaptation to specific application needs.

8 channels, +/-10 V DC, 0…20 mA per channel, MOD Power: 75 mA @ 18…32 V DC, Power SA: 250 mA @ 18…32 V DC

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    A series of Compact I/O modules created by Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation) to collect analog signals and convert them to digital data in industrial automation systems.

    The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix – 5069-OF8 analog output module is an important element in the field of industrial process control. It provides advanced capabilities that it offers in terms of generating and controlling analog signals. Equipped with eight (8) output channels, the 5069-OF8 module enables precise control of various processes. Importantly, this module allows you to configure both voltage and current signals, which provides a wide range of customization to specific application needs.

    With different output ranges available, from ±10V to 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA, the 5069-OF8 module allows you to adapt to various requirements and devices in industrial processes. Its use of an R-Ladder DAC with monotonicity and an impressive 160-bit resolution ensures accuracy and reliability in generating output signals.

    • Versatile Compatibility: The 5069-OF8 integrates perfectly with control systems as local and distributed I/O modules, and with ControlLogix as distributed I/O modules. Thanks to this compatibility, it is possible to effectively use the module in various scenarios and configurations.
    • Extensive Ranges of Analog Outputs: This module offers eight channels of analog outputs, with full configurability for both voltage and current signals. Output ranges include ± 10VDC, 0-10VDC and 0-5VDC for voltage signals and 0-20mA and 4-20mA for current signals. This enables precise adaptation to the requirements of specific applications.
    • Advanced Analog-to-Digital Conversion: The 5069-OF8 is equipped with an R-Ladder DAC with an impressive 16-bit resolution. This ensures accurate conversion of digital data to analog data, necessary for precise control of industrial processes.
    • Open and Short Circuit Detection: It is worth noting that this module has the ability to detect open circuits when working in current mode and detect short circuits when working in voltage mode. This is additional protection and monitoring that affects the reliability of industrial processes.
    • Fast Conversion and Scan: With a short conversion time per output channel (25 µs) and scan time (1.0 ms for channels 0-3 and 2.0 ms for channels 4-7), the 5069-OF8 module enables fast and efficient operation processes.
    • Drive and Control Applications: This module has been used in many areas including modulation drives, variable frequency drives (VFDs), dampers and other actuators. It can also be used to retransmit signals to receiving components such as panel meters and data loggers.
    • Safe Electrical Parameters: The 5069-OF8 module has been carefully designed in terms of electrical parameters, ensuring the appropriate range of input and output voltages and advanced surge protection functions.
    MOD Power Passthrough, max 9.55 A @ 18…32V DC
    Open circuit detection Current mode only
    Resolution 16 bits across ± 10.5V – 320 µV/bit 16 bits across 10.5V – 160 µV/bit 16 bits across 5.25V – 80 µV/bit 16 bits across 21 mA – 320 nA/bit
    Conversion time per channel 25 µs
    Conversion method R-Ladder DAC, monotonicity with no missing codes
    Output Current signal 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA
    Output Voltage signal ±10VDC; 0-10VDC; 0-5VDC
    No. of Inputs Eight (8) channels
    Series Compact 5000 I/O
    Data format IEEE 32-bit floating point
    Analog output ratings +/–10V DC, 0…20 mA per channel
    MOD Power 75 mA @ 18…32V DC
    SA Power 250 mA @ 18…32V DC
    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
    Brand Allen-Bradley