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The Siemens Simatic DP CPU 1510SP-1 PN- 6ES7510-1DJ01-0AB0 impresses with its maximum usability, particularly compact design and impressive performance. High-performance IO systems with built-in safety features designed for long-term, reliable and cost-effective operation.

Advanced expandability, 100 KB /750 KB memory, PROFINET/ETHERNET interfaces, 1x RJ45 integrated

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    The SIMATIC CPU ET 200SP series of distributed controllers combine compactness and performance while remaining extremely flexible. In the medium performance range for many types of machines including those with severely limited space, these controllers are ideal for standard and fault-tolerant applications.

    SIMATIC SIMATIC DP CPU 1510SP-1 PN – 6ES7510-1DJ01-0AB0 is a compact CPU designed for use in a control cabinet. The innovative distributed I/O SIMATIC ET 200SP impresses with its maximum usability, particularly compact design and impressive performance. Based on the ET 200SP’s particularly compact design, there are two CPU variants. An open PC-based PLC or CPU controller with the standard range of PLC functionality of the S7-1500 series.

    The processors have the same functions as the CPU 1511 / CPU 1513 of the S7-1500 controller family. For example, integrated tracking, integrated system diagnostics, integrated security, web server or full symbolic programming. Thanks to the I-Device functionality, use with a higher-level processor is done exactly as if using a standard interface module. The ET 200SP station is distinguished by its high resistance to structural interference due to its short signal cabling. CPUs support additional functions such as PROFIenergy, isochronous mode, configuration control (option support) and DP master.

    With the SIMATIC ET 200SP, space in the control cabinet itself can be used more efficiently. The system is about 50% narrower than comparable distributed peripherals, with a height of about 115 millimeters, providing room for 16 channels with a single-line connection (no AUX terminals). If a 3-wire connection is used, the height is 140 mm for 8 channels. With 3 integrated Ethernet ports, connection adapters can be flexibly selected using bus adapters. The 151xSP central units can be expanded using standard ET 200SP modules, as well as decentrally via PROFINET with any ET 200 systems.

    Secure ET 200SP processors enable processing of a wider range of standard and security programs. They are certified to EN 61508 and can be used in safety-related applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849. To enhance IT security, password protection has been set for configuration F and program F. The CPUs can be used as PROFINET IO controllers or as distributed intelligence with PROFINET I-Device technology.

    High-performance IO systems with built-in safety features, so designed for long-term, reliable and economical operation. The SIMATIC ET 200SP leaves nothing to be desired, it is an automation solution for the requirements of the coming years. Thanks to the convincing system concept, the range of components of the ET 200SP system has steadily expanded and improved in recent years.

    For use with ET 200SP
    manufacturer’s series SIMATIC DP
    number of inputs 20
    supply voltage 24v
    interface PROFINET
    number of outputs 20
    network type Ethernet
    Width 100mm
    operating temperature min. -25°C
    working temperature max. +50 (vertical mounting) °C, +60 (horizontal mounting) °C
    Storage 100 KB
    depth 75mm
    Additional Product Information
    EAN 4047623406044
    UPC 804766166532
    Statistical number of the goods 85371091
    Catalog designation ST76
    FAGR 9034
    Group Code R132