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The processor module for the Schneider Electric Modicon M580 controller – BMEP584040 is a key element in the architecture of the M580 controller, it offers large computing capabilities, enabling fast and precise handling of processes in real time.

IP20. 1 Ethernet port for service, 2 Ethernet ports for Ring network, 1 USB port, 16 MB RAM, 2048 KB for data, 10 KB for system memory and 4 GB expandable flash memory for data storage, Weight 0.849 kg,

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    Schneider Modicon M580 Advanced Programmable Controllers designed to meet the most demanding needs of industrial production.

    Processor Module for the Schneider Electric Modicon M580 Controller – BMEP584040 This advanced module is a key element in the M580 controller architecture, providing efficient data processing and control in industrial applications. It offers powerful computing capabilities, enabling fast and precise handling of real-time processes. Thanks to its advanced processor, the M580 controller can efficiently manage complex operations and tasks, ensuring smooth production and optimal use of resources.

    It offers a maximum configuration of 4 local cabinets with up to 1024 digital I/O channels and 256 analog I/O channels. It is equipped with 1 Ethernet port for service, 2 Ethernet ports for Ring device networks (EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP) and 1 mini B USB port for programming console. It has an integrated RAM of 2048 MB for programs, 2048 Kb for data, 10 KB for system memory and an expandable 4 GB flash memory for data storage.

    The Modicon M580 PLC is the first high-end integrated controller for EcoStruxure installations in an open, flexible, reliable, sustainable and secure architecture. Includes redundant controllers and safety controls (SIL3 safety PLC) with built-in native Ethernet and cybersecurity. Process or safety processors use the same Modicon X80 and EcoStruxure Control Expert I/O platform (formerly known as Unity Pro) for programming and configuration.

    Schneider M580 modules are a powerful tool that takes your capabilities in industrial automation to a whole new level. Thanks to its powerful and scalable ePAC (Ethernet PAC) architecture, the Schneider M580 enables flexible system expansion to suit your unique requirements. No matter the size or complexity of your application, the M580 will provide reliable process control and monitoring to keep your production running smoothly. The series ensures compliance with the latest industry standards, supports standard communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFINET, which facilitates integration with other industrial devices.

    Programming the M580 is easy and intuitive thanks to the use of the popular IEC 61131-3 language. We also offer tools for quick debugging and testing of applications, shorten the time of introducing the system to use, can be easily integrated with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, which enables the collection and analysis of process data as well as the visualization and control of industrial processes.

    2048 I/O points
    2048 kB
    AS interface Ethernet USB

    DIN rail mounting
    16 MB