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Communication card SINAMICS S120 CBE20 – 6SL3055-0AA00-2EB0 integrated 4-port switch with four RJ45 sockets based on PROFINET ASIC ERTEC400, is required if the SINAMICS S120 or SINAMICS S150 converter with CU320-2 DP control unit (PROFIBUS) should be connected to PROFINET-IO, and if EtherNet/IP support is required.

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    The powerful and flexible SINAMICS S120 drive system offers easy configuration of the drive system, which will individually match the requirements for almost any drive application, provides the highest efficiency, productivity.

    Communication card CBE20 – 6SL3055-0AA00-2EB0 is an integrated 4-port switch with four RJ45 slots based on PROFINET ASIC ERTEC400. Thus, it provides an optimal topology that can be configured without additional external switches. The communication board can also be used to connect to a PROFINET IO network via a CU320-2 control unit. The SINAMICS S120 drive system then takes over the function of a PROFINET IO device and can operate PROFINET IO classes in real time, connected to control systems as PROFINET IO devices in accordance with PROFIdrive.

    The CBE20 communication card is required if a SINAMICS S120 or SINAMICS S150 converter with a CU320-2 DP (PROFIBUS) control unit should be connected to a PROFINET-IO network. SINAMICS Link is to be used for direct data exchange between several CU320-2 DP (PROFIBUS) or CU320-2 PN (PROFINET) control units without using a higher-level control system, and if EtherNet/IP support is required. Regardless of where you need to connect to the system, with the SINAMICS network server you can access the SINAMICS S120 via a network-enabled device and provide continuous access to diagnostics.

    SINAMICS S120 provides a higher degree of efficiency in plants, systems and machines, versatile due to its flexibility, the SINAMICS S120 system allows any combination of power and closed-loop control performance. Thanks to a central intelligent control loop, the performance of vector control and servo control can be adjusted at will. All system components can be parameterized, programmed and run using the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) engineering platform without any discontinuities because the functions are mainly implemented using embedded software. The SINAMICS S120 is integrated with the Safety Integrated universal standardized safety concept and additional safety functions such as STO, SBC, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SSM, SLP, SP, SBT. The system also provides the ability to seamlessly implement SIL 2 (EN 61508) and PL d (EN ISO 13849-1) compliant safety functions.
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