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CPU OMRON Sysmac NX1P – NX1P2-1040DT1

The Omron Sysmac – NX1P2-1140DT1 processor enables synchronized control of all machine devices, supporting different systems within one integrated development environment (IDE).

  • Number of inputs/outputs: Contains 24 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs.
  • Power supply: Main power supply: 24 V DC, output power supply: 24 V DC.
  • Communication: Built-in EtherNet/IP port, optional COM ports (RS-232C/RS-485).
  • Memory: It has a built-in user memory of 2 MB and program memory of 1.5 MB.
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    The Omron NX1P series offers a wide range of models that differ in the number of inputs/outputs, communication possibilities and special functions. This allows you to adjust the driver to the specific requirements of the application.

    Omron Sysmac Processor – NX1P2-1040DT1 This is a versatile and compact controller that offers advanced control, communication and programming capabilities. It enables synchronized control of all machine devices, supporting various systems – motion, I/O, security and vision in one integrated development environment (IDE) . The NX1P2-1140DT1 controller is a good solution for advanced control and automation applications that require precise control and safety features.

    • Efficiency: The controller is equipped with a fast processor, which allows for efficient and fast logic processing and communication.
    • Communications: Offers support for various communication protocols including EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, optionally PROFIBUS and PROFINET for easy integration with other devices and systems.
    • Programming: The controller can be programmed using development tools such as Sysmac Studio, which offers an intuitive programming environment and advanced diagnostic tools.
    • Modularity: The controller is modular, which means that it can be easily extended with various I/O modules and special functions according to the needs of the application.
    • Safety: Provides the ability to implement safety functions at the application level so you can build safe control systems.
    • Versatility: This model supports both motion control and position control functions, which is useful in mechanical motion applications.
    Primary task cycle time 2 ms
    Program memory 1.5 MB
    Variables memory 2 MB
    Max. number of synchronous axes 2
    Max. number of PTP axes 4
    Number of digital inputs 24
    Input type PNP/NPN
    Number of digital outputs 16
    Output type PNP
    Number of serial option boards 2
    Max. number of expansion units 8
    Max. number of remote I/O nodes 16
    Communication port(s) EtherCAT Master, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP
    Number of Ethernet ports 2
    Number of USB ports 0
    Communication option(s) Serial RS-232C, Serial RS-422, Serial RS-485
    Real-time clock
    Supply voltage DC 20.4-28.8 V
    Product Height 100 mm
    Product Width  148 mm
    Product Depth 71 mm
    Product Weight 660 g