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EtherNet-IP ADAPTER ALLEN-BRADLEY PowerFlex 750 – 20750ENETR

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex EtherNet Adapter – 20-750-ENETR, up to thirty (30) Ethernet connections can be made with this optional adapter module. Both modes support 16 simultaneous MSG instruction connections. The adapter installs directly into the PowerFlex series inverter.

Up to 30 Ethernet connections, 16 simultaneous MSG instruction connections, 500 Kbps data rate,

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    PowerFlex drives from Allen-Bradley are widely used across industries to optimize efficiency and save energy in drive systems due to their efficiency, reliability and advanced control capabilities.

    The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex EtherNet Adapter – 20-750-ENETR is an optional Dual Ethernet/IP Adapter that installs directly into the PowerFlex Series Inverter. Up to thirty (30) Ethernet connections can be made with this optional adapter module. Both modes support 16 simultaneous MSG instruction connections.

    The 20-750-ENER supports the system protocol which is the Drive DPI protocol with a data rate of 500 Kbps. The 20-750-ENER supports Integrated Motion over Ethernet for the PowerFlexDrive Series and the optional adapter is configured in Tap mode. It is also compatible with the BOOTP-DHCP standalone utility. Status indicators are also provided to monitor the operation of the module.

    The 20-750-ENER module also has node address switches that set the network node address of the option module. Additional features of the 20-750-ENETR module include a module operating mode selection jumper and ENET1 and ENET2 network ports that facilitate data transfer over 100Base-TX Ethernet links.

    The PowerFlex 755 drives are designed to control permanent magnet motors. However, they also require proper configuration to provide adequate protection against unstable operations with the CM or Power jumpers to help choose between solid and non-solid grounding. It has four status indicators that show operating mode and network communication.

    PowerFlex drives allow precise control of the rotational speed of electric motors. This is especially useful in applications where it is necessary to adjust the speed to changing conditions. The ability to adjust the motor speed using an inverter allows you to adjust the motor performance to the current demand.

    The PowerFlex series comes in a variety of drive models and sizes to cover a wide variety of industrial applications, from pumps and fans to conveyors and processing machines. The inverters in this series offer advanced programming and control capabilities for various motor parameters such as current, voltage and acceleration, which allows them to adapt their operation to specific requirements.

    Product Type Dual-port EtherNet/IP Option Module
    Relative Humidity: 5…95% noncondensing
    Storage Temperature: -40…+85 °C (-40…+185 °F)
    Operating Temperature: -10…+50 °C (14…122 °F)
    Communication rate: 10 Mbps Full-duplex, 10 Mbps Half-duplex, 100 Mbps Full-duplex, or 100 Mbps Half-duplex
    Supported Protocol: Ethernet I/P
    Operating Modes: Adapter mode and Tap mode
    Weight 62 g
    Electrical Consumption 250 mA @14V DC
    Data Rate 500 Kbps
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Part Number 20-750-ENETR
    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
    Used with Powerflex 755
    Drive Protocol DPI
    Network Protocol       62 g