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EtherNet/IP MODULE ALLEN-BRADLEY CompactLogix – 1769-AENTR

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Network Card – 1769-AENTR The main function is to facilitate communication in an industrial environment by providing two built-in Ethernet ports.

2 Ethernet inputs/outputs, Communication speed: 10/100 Mb/s, Dimensions: 118 x 50 x 87 mm

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    Allen-Bradley CompactLogix – Advanced PLC controllers enabling fast and effective data processing and execution of advanced control algorithms for industrial processes.

    The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix – 1769-AENTR is a network card that is designed to facilitate connectivity to Ethernet networks by providing two built-in Ethernet communication ports. These ports act as a built-in switch, supporting various Ethernet network topologies such as line, star, and device level ring (DLR).

    The 1769-AENTR is adapted to support data transfer rates of 10/100 Mbps, which enables fast and effective data exchange in the network. In addition, the module can handle up to 128 logical communication connections, which provides flexibility in network configuration and communication between various devices.

    This communication module is compatible with the CompactLogix family of controllers, allowing it to be seamlessly and reliably integrated into existing industrial automation systems. With the 1769-AENTR, users can create advanced communication networks that support effective data management and process control in industrial environments. With the 1769-AENTR Communications Module, users can create advanced and integrated control systems that enable the rapid exchange of data between different components on an Ethernet/IP network. It is an important tool for industrial automation that supports the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes.

    • Support for various Ethernet topologies including Line, Star and Device Level Ring (DLR).
    • Ability to support up to 128 logical communication links.
    • Compatible with multiple Ethernet cable standards.
    • Safety and compliance certifications.

    This module is an essential element in the architecture of industrial automation systems, providing an efficient and reliable connection between various devices and systems in the factory.

    Communication ports: Two (2) Ethernet I/P
    Slot width: 1
    Current draw @ 5V DC: 500 mA
    Mounting: DIN Rail
    Hardware IP address configuration: Rotary switches
    Logical Connections: 128 connections
    Topologies: Star, Linear, Device Level Ring (DLR)
    Weight: 0.280 kg (0.61 lb)
    Dimensions: 118 x 50 x 87 mm (4.65 x 1.97 x 3.43 in.)
    Manufacturer Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
    Product Type CompactLogix Ethernet IP Adapter
    TCP/IP Connections 96
    Brand Allen-Bradley
    Part Number/Catalog No.                    1769-AENTR
    Product Line CompactLogix
    Communication Rate 10/100 Mbps
    Logix Resources 128 EtherNet/IP connections
    Backplane Current 500 mA at 5V