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The Schneider Altivar ATV320 – ATV320U75N4B inverter enables precise motor speed control, which reliably meets the requirements of simple and more advanced applications carried out on 3-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors with a power of 0.18 to 15kW.

15kW, 33A, Interfaces CANopen, MODBUS, 3 phases, 380/500VAC, 50/60Hz, IP20

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    Altivar 320 inverters dedicated to simple and advanced machines with a power of 0.18 – 15 kW.

    The Schneider Electrics Altivar Machine ATV320 family has been designed to become the OEM’s preferred first choice for drives in simple and complex machines.

    Altivar ATV320 – ATV320D15N4B is a frequency converter designed for machine builders that meets the requirements of simple and more advanced applications on 3-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors without fail.

    The ATV320 frequency controller is an advanced device that enables precise motor speed control. The power of the device is 15 kW. It is designed for a 3-phase supply voltage, with a range of 380 to 500 V at a frequency of 50/60 Hz, with a built-in EMC filter.

    This versatile controller offers a rated supply voltage of 200 (U1) to 240 V (U2) or 380 (U1) to 500 V (U2) for flexible adaptation to different operating conditions. You can also enjoy the integrated Category C2 EMC filter function, which can be turned off if required. The device is supplied with an EMC plate, which you can install yourself.

    It features unique safety capabilities including five Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop1 (SS1), Safe Reduced Speed (SLS), Safe Guard Door Lock (GDL) and Safe Maximum Speed (SMS) functions. It supports the operation of both asynchronous and open-loop synchronous motors. SVC (Sensorless Vector Control) control ensures high quality and speed stability, so you will achieve optimal performance.

    In addition, features such as U/F and U/F2 control and energy saving allow you to optimize energy consumption. The device offers a maximum frequency of 599 Hz, which allows for precise speed regulation. Thanks to the Plug & Drive function, commissioning is extremely simple and the user interface is intuitive. The inverter configuration can be easily modified and saved using various tools such as the SoMove software, decentralized terminals and the configuration tools -Simple Loader- and -Multi-Loader-.

    Equipped with an integrated class A noise filter that can be deactivated. The device is prepared to work in IT networks and has 6 logical inputs that can be assigned to many functions. In addition, the 3 analog inputs can be switched as digital inputs. The brake module is integrated, which allows operation in 4 quadrants without the need for additional equipment. Its compact dimensions are 180 x 404 x 232 mm.

    33 A
    599 Hz
    60 Hz
    Relay Transistor
    0 to 10V 0 to 20mA
    0 to 10V 0 to 20mA
    5 A @ 250 VAC
    Altivar 320
    wall mounting
    screw terminal