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The Schneider Altivar ATV320 – ATV320U06N4B inverter is designed specifically for machine manufacturers, which reliably meets the requirements of simple and more advanced applications carried out on 3-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors.

550W, 1.9A, Interfaces CANopen, MODBUS, 3 phases, 380/500VAC, 50/60Hz, IP20

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    Altivar 320 inverters dedicated to simple and advanced machines with a power of 0.18 – 15 kW.

    The Schneider Altivar Machine ATV320 family has been designed to become the OEM’s preferred first choice for drives in simple and complex machines.

    Altivar ATV320 – ATV320U06N4B is a frequency converter designed for machine builders that meets the requirements of simple and more advanced applications with 3-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors from 0.18 to 15kW.

    The growing demands of industrial manufacturers resulting from the progressive digitization of production processes, OEMs need efficient components that can be easily integrated into hybrid automation systems. IP21/65/66/UL drive types offer 4X increased degree of protection and built-in safety features (STO,SS1,SLS,SMS,GDL) along with integrated PLC (Altivar Logic) in a combined compact package giving you the best investment .

    Schneider Altivar 320 550W – ATV320U06N4B guarantees safety and reliability. With Schneider’s high standards of design, workmanship and global certification, the ATV320 drive is the perfect solution to help reduce installation costs and increase machine efficiency. This also allows users to extend the life cycle of the motors in terms of installation and service.

    Designed in a compact format for easy, cost-effective integration into various machine layouts and placing them in cabinets or machine frames. Integrates with many of the most common Ethernet and serial communication networks, from EtherNet/IP to CANopen. IEC 60721-3-3 printed circuit boards with 3C3 coating increase availability in harsh environments, such as ambient temperatures up to 60°C without the need for additional cooling. Safe Torque Off (STO) and additional functions for complete safety monitoring.

    550 W
    380 V
    500 V
    1.9 A
    2 kHz
    16 kHz
    0.1 Hz
    599 Hz
    50 Hz
    60 Hz
    0 … 10 V
    0 … 20 mA
    0 … 10 V
    0 … 20 mA
    5 A @ 250 VAC
    Altivar 320
    Panel Mount
    Screw Terminal
    -10 °C
    50 °C
    45 mm
    325 mm
    245 mm