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The Omron Sysmac NX1 – NX102-1100 controller provides high computing performance, which enables fast data processing and complex control algorithms. It can be used to precisely control the movement of axes and mechanisms.

Program memory 5MB, Variable memory 33.5MB, Max. number of PTP axes: 4, Max. number of synchronous axes: 4

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    The Omron Sysmac series is an advanced industrial automation platform featuring PLCs with motion control integration, providing flexibility and efficiency in programming and process control.

    The Omron Sysmac NX1 CPU – NX102-1100 controller is an advanced CPU module that offers powerful and versatile control functions. The NX102-1100 unit can be used to precisely control the movement of various axes and mechanisms.

    • Performance and computing power: NX102-1100 is equipped with a powerful processor, which ensures high computing performance. This enables complex control algorithms, fast communication with other devices and accurate execution of automation tasks.
    • Support for various communication protocols: The NX102-1100 unit supports a variety of communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, FTP, HTTP and many others. This makes it easy to integrate the unit with various devices and systems in an industrial network.
    • Security and data protection: The NX102-1100 has security features that help protect your production processes from unauthorized access and cyber threats. This is especially important in today’s industrial environment.
    • Advanced motion control functions: The NX102-1100 unit can be used to precisely control the motion of various axes and mechanisms. Advanced algorithms allow for smooth and accurate movements, which is crucial in process automation.
    • Built-in user interface: The NX102-1100 can be used to create user interfaces and visualize production processes. The built-in interface enables the creation of clear operator panels that facilitate monitoring and controlling processes.
    • Data analysis and reporting: The NX102-1100 unit allows you to collect data from production processes and analyze this data to optimize operations and make informed decisions.
    • Expandability: The Sysmac NX1 is modular, meaning the NX102-1100 is easily expandable and adaptable to changing production needs.
    Controller functionality Motion control, OPC-UA, Position control, Sequence control
    Max. number of synchronous axes 4
    Max. number of PTP axes 4
    Max. number of axes (incl. virtual) 15
    Primary task cycle time 1 ms
    Program memory 5 MB
    Variables memory 33.5 MB
    Communication port(s) EtherCAT Master, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP
    Communication option(s) Serial RS-232C, Serial RS-422, Serial RS-485
    Max. number of remote I/O nodes 64
    I/O system NX I/O Bus
    Max. number of expansion units 32
    Product Height 100 mm
    Product Width  66 mm
    Product Depth 100 mm