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The Omron Sysmac NX1 – NX102-9000 controller provides high computing performance, which enables fast data processing and complex control algorithms.

Program memory 5MB, Variable memory 33.5MB, Max. number of PTP axes: 4

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    The Omron Sysmac series is an advanced industrial automation platform featuring PLCs with motion control integration, providing flexibility and efficiency in programming and process control.

    The Omron Sysmac NX1 CPU – NX102-9000 controller is an advanced CPU module that offers powerful and versatile control functions.

    • Efficiency and Speed: The Sysmac NX1 provides high computing performance, which enables fast data processing and complex control algorithms. It’s the perfect solution for applications requiring quick response and precise control.
    • Integrated Functions: The Sysmac NX1 CPU module offers advanced control functions, including ladder, ST, SFC and FBD programming. In addition, it supports functions that allow communication, data collection and traffic control.
    • Ease of Programming: Sysmac Studio software, which is part of the Sysmac ecosystem, provides intuitive development tools to create complex control applications. Support for various programming languages makes it easy to transfer existing projects and create new ones.
    • Communications: The Sysmac NX1 supports various communication protocols including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, OPC UA and others. This enables easy integration with other industrial equipment and systems.
    • Security: The Sysmac NX1 platform also offers security features such as safe I/O and security-related function blocks. This is important for applications where there is a need to monitor and control risks.
    • Modularity: The Sysmac NX1 is part of a modular system, which means it can be expanded and adapted to specific requirements. Various I/O, communication and control modules can be added depending on the needs of the application.
    • Data Availability: As part of the Sysmac platform, the Sysmac NX1 enables access to real-time data, which is important for process monitoring, data collection for analysis and production optimization.
    Controller functionality OPC UA, position control, sequence control
    Max. number of synchronous axes 0
    Max. number of PTP axes 4
    Max. number of axes (including virtual) 4
    Primary task cycle time 1ms
    Program memory 5MB
    Variable memory 33.5MB
    Communication port(s) EtherCAT Master, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP
    Communication option(s) Serial RS-232C, Serial RS-422, Serial RS-485
    Max. number of remote I/O nodes 64
    I/O system NX I/O bus
    Max. number of expansion units 32
    Product Height 100mm
    Product Width 66mm
    Product Depth 100mm