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The Schneider Electric PacDrive 3 LMC Pro2 – LMC402CAA10000 advanced motion controller provides excellent performance in automation systems. The kit includes the LMC402 motion controller, which allows you to control up to 16 axes, creating a solid foundation for a variety of applications.

16 digital outputs, 2 analog outputs, Number of axes: 16, Power consumption: 36 W, Product weight: 3.5 kg

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    The Schneider Electrics PacDrive 3 LMC series offers scalable performance for synchronizing up to 130 servo axes with 1ms network update rate and up to 255 virtual axes. In addition to motion functions, all controllers combine an integrated PLC, HMIs and IT functions on a single hardware platform.

    The Schneider Electric PacDrive 3 LMC Pro2 – LMC402CAA10000 advanced motion controller provides excellent performance in automation systems. The kit includes the LMC402 motion controller, which allows you to control up to 16 axes, creating a solid foundation for a variety of applications. The basic version of the kit includes the necessary accessories, ensuring easy and efficient implementation.

    The controller is equipped with a variety of communication interfaces, including the sercos III dynamic motion bus interface, which guarantees smooth and precise motion control. In addition, other interfaces such as CANopen (master/slave), Profibus DP (master/slave), COM1 RS232, COM2 RS422/RS485, USB-A and USB-B are available for versatile communication with various devices.

    The controller comes with flexible encoder options, including SinCos Master Encoder or Incremental Master Encoder, allowing for accurate tracking of position and motion. It also supports Ethernet, Ethernet RT, PacNet and Profinet interfaces, opening the way to advanced network communication. In addition, it is possible to extend the functionality by attaching up to two optional modules and a CF card.

    The controller offers comprehensive communication protocols including IO-RT (master/slave), Ethernet/IP (scanner/adapter), Ethercat IO (master/slave), Profibus DP (master/slave) and CANopen (master/slave), ensuring flexibility in integrating with various systems. IT protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP, OPC UA, FTP and HTTP enable advanced communication and remote access.

    The rich possibilities of inputs and outputs are an important feature of this controller. It has as many as 40 24 VDC inputs, including 16 interrupt inputs and 4 interrupt inputs, enabling reaction to emergency situations. In addition, 2 analog inputs allow for precise monitoring and process control. The outputs are 16 digital transistor outputs (250 mA) and 2 analog outputs.

    The controller is powered by 24 VDC, which ensures reliability and stability of operation. With advanced features and comprehensive connectivity, the PacDrive 3 LMC Pro2 is a complete solution for advanced automation applications.

    Schneider Electrics PacDrive 3 LM:

    All of these controllers are software compatible, running on Schneider Electric Logic Motion Runtime software. Thanks to this, you can program up to 4096 dynamic electronic curves working simultaneously. It is possible to switch between electronic cams during operation. All controllers are equipped with an integrated PLC that can handle 1000-bit commands in 5 μs.

    This integrated and scalable automation platform combines the functionality of PLC, motion/robot control and information technology. No additional or dedicated hardware is required for the entire machine system, including robotics. The controller’s scalable performance ranges from 0 to 130 servo drives (with the option of connecting up to 250 virtual axes) and integrated robots. Simultaneous operation of 4096 dynamic electronic curves is possible.

    Network update is performed every 1ms for 130 servo axes, ensuring precise and synchronous motion control. The controllers also have integrated high-speed I/O that can be extended externally and support international standard communication.

    Ethernet-based communication is complete and includes the Sercos protocol for I/O, motion (robotics), and secure communications. The controllers can communicate in real time with each other on a line level using the Sercos protocol. It is possible to create a network with up to 20 controllers/machines. Support for other RT Ethernet solutions, IEC standard fieldbuses and TCP/IP communication is also available.

    product compatibility LMC402
    number of axes 16
    Number of digital inputs 20 for digital input conforming to IEC 61131-2 type 1
    4 for interrupt input conforming to IEC 61131-2 type 1
    16 for probe input conforming to IEC 61131-2 type 1
    Discrete input voltage 0-6V
    Discrete input voltage type DC
    Number of analog inputs 2
    measurement inputs Voltage analog input: – 10 – 10 V
    Current analog input: – 20-20 mA
    Analog input resolution 12 bits
    Discrete input current 5 mA for digital input
    5 mA for interrupt input
    5 mA for touch probe input
    input impedance 100000 ohms for analog input
    500 ohms
    bounce filtering 1 ms or 5 ms configurable digital input
    100 µs probe input
    0.1 ms or 1 ms configurable interrupt input
    Number of digital outputs 16 digital output
    2 analog output
    Discrete output current 250 mA for digital output
    Max Leakage Current 0.4mA
    Max. number of I/O expansion modules 2
    [UH,nom] Nominal auxiliary voltage 24VDC
    Power consumption in W 36 w
    storage type 256KB NVRAM
    programming language FBD (Function Block Diagram)
    CFC (Continuous Function Chart)
    AS (Sequential Function Chart)
    ST (Structured Text)
    IL (Instruction List)
    LAD (Ladder Diagram)
    integrated interfaces 2 Ethernet port, RJ45 connector for Sercos protocol
    1 CAN port, SUB-D 9 connector for CANopen protocol
    1 USB port, USB type A connector
    2 Ethernet port, RJ45 connector for RT Ethernet protocol (real-time)
    1 Ethernet Connection, RJ45 connector for PacNet protocol
    1 port, SUB-D 9 connector for Profibus-DP protocol
    1 COM1 serial link, SUB-D 9 connector for RS232 protocol
    1 COM2 serial link, SUB-D 9 connector for RS422/RS485 protocol
    1 port , SUB-D 9 connector for master encoder
    1 Ethernet connection, RJ45 connector for Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T protocol, FTP/HTTP
    care Power supply: 24 VDC, <1 A
    Width 100mm
    Height 310mm
    depth 243mm
    product weight 3.5kg