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The Omron CJ1 – CJ1W-PRM21 communication module is an advanced unit that allows you to seamlessly connect PLCs with other devices in the industrial network.

Communication port(s): PROFIBUS DP Master, Number of communication ports: 1

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    The Omron CJ1 series of PLC controllers is one of the company’s flagship solutions, offering a wide range of configuration and expansion possibilities.

    The Omron CJ1 – CJ1W-PRM21 module is an advanced communication module that enables easy and reliable integration of automation systems through a variety of communication protocols.

    • Multi-Protocol Support: The CJ1W-PRM21 module supports industry-standard communication protocols, which enables flexible connections between different devices and systems.
    • Simple Installation: CJ1W-PRM21 is relatively easy to install and configure, making it easy to integrate with existing automation systems.
      Read/Write Mode Support: The module supports read/write mode, which allows access to variables and data from other controllers and devices on the network.
    • Direct Communication: Thanks to this module, you can communicate directly with other devices in the network, which allows you to monitor and control processes on an ongoing basis.
    • Scalability: The CJ1W-PRM21 is scalable and easily adaptable to different application requirements.
    • Software Integration: The module can be easily integrated with Omron’s PLC programming software, allowing you to create advanced control programs.
    • Application in Various Industries: The CJ1W-PRM21 module is used in various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and many others.
    • Technical Support: Omron offers technical support and documentation for the CJ1W-PRM21 module, making it easy for users to integrate and configure.
    I/O system CJ I/O Bus
    Expansion unit type CPU Bus Unit
    Type of module Communication
    IO-Link master
    Communication port(s) PROFIBUS DP Master
    Number of communication ports 1
    Product Height 90 mm
    Product Width  31 mm
    Product Depth 65 mm
    Product Weight  100 g