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Pre-assembled power cable – 6FX3002-5CK01-1BA0 for use in the complete SINAMICS V90 drive system, connects the servo inverters to the servomotor. Made with MOTION-CONNECT 300 technology equipped with quick connectors for easy installation.

Power cable 4x 0.75 C, for motor S-1FL6 LI to V90 230V FS A, B, C, D (1kW) MOTION-CONNECT 300, UL/CSA Dmax = 7.1 mm, length(m) = 10m

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    SINAMICS V90 is a complete drive system that includes a converter and a SIMOTCS S-1FL6 servo motor, the converter connects 2 or 3 wires (power, signal and brake) to the motor.

    The 10-meter power cable – 6FX3002-5CK01-1BA0 – 4x 0.75 C, connects SINAMICS V90 230V FS A, B, C, D (1kW) servo inverters to the SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motor, and is part of the MOTION-CONNECT 300 connection technology. The SINAMICS series is an integrated drive system for every application area.

    Prefabricated power cables used in the complete SINAMICS V90 drive system come in lengths from 3 to 20 m, equipped with quick connectors for easy cable installation. Additional signal cables provide the opportunity to take advantage of more complex control functions, especially for the PTI version. It can operate independently, carrying out dynamic drive tasks as well as realize high accuracy position control. Efficient cooperation with the controller allows you to achieve optimal results.

    MOTION-CONNECT cables are suitable for use with many different types of machine tools and production machines, and are available as ready-to-connect power and signal cables. MOTION-CONNECT’s pre-assembled cables provide high quality, system-tested and trouble-free operation. MOTION-CONNECT cables are designed for use in machinery. They are not intended for use in building management systems or outdoors.


    Cable length: 10,00m
    Fireplace material: PVC
    Nominal voltage: 300 + 500 V
    Degree of protection: IP20
    Mine. Temperature: -25°C
    Max. Temperature: +80°C
    Cable Ø range: 7.1 mm (max.)
    Content: 1 St.
    Temperature range: -25 – +80°C
    Product-Art: Sensor/actuator connector, assembled
    Manufacturer’s part number: 6FX30025CK011BA0
    Ř of cable (max.): 7.1 mm


    Additional Product Information
    EAN 4042948674161
    UPC 804766370922
    Statistical number of the goods 85444290
    Catalog designation SINAMICS V90
    FAGR 4R03
    Group Code R220