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SIMATIC BASIC TP 1500 BASIC Touch Panel – 6AV6647-0AG11-3AX0 With the features of the BASIC series, these panels are an ideal series for simpler HMI applications.

Panoramic 15″ TFT screen capable of displaying 256 colors, PROFINET interface, configurable starting from WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 Compact/ WinCC Basic V10.5/ STEP 7 Basic V10.5, dimensions 400 x 310 x 60mm.

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    The second-generation SIMATIC BASIC TP 1500 panel is a high-end device used for operation and monitoring in HMI applications. The BASIC series of devices in the next generation offers combined key and touch operation.

    The high performance of the TP 1500 – 6AV6647-0AG11-3AX0 panel significantly facilitates the implementation of tasks related to control, monitoring and visualization of technological, industrial and manufacturing processes. The functionality of the SIMATIC series and integrated interfaces make navigation in advanced applications intuitive and convenient, the panels can also be installed vertically ensuring convenient operation in any layout. The second-generation SIMATIC BASIC panel features state-of-the-art technology, excellent workmanship and the proven quality of the SIMATIC BASIC series.

    The TP 1500’s innovative interface provides a wide range of operations with top-level usability thanks to a new graphics and navigation system. The panel provides convenience for various devices, machines and systems operating within industrial infrastructures facilitates the handling of recipes, signals messages and allows the transmission, buffering and acknowledgment of messages. With its numerous communication interfaces, its integration into the system is always quick and efficient.

    The high performance of the 6AV6647-0AG11-3AX0 panel, the functionality of the SIMATIC series and the integrated interfaces make navigation in advanced applications intuitive and convenient, the panels can also be installed vertically providing convenient operation in any layout. High-resolution widescreen display capable of displaying 256 colors. With PROFIBUS and PROFINET interfaces, the second-generation SIMATIC HMI BASIC panels allow connection to various PLCs.

    The state-of-the-art interface provides convenience and quality operation and monitoring at the highest level even for compact installations. Equipped with all the important functions of an HMI, the SIMATIC BASIC panel provides new possibilities for operations as well as mechanical engineering.


    Depth of incorporation 60 mm
    Communications ETHERNET / PROFINET
    Number of languages online 5
    Number of password levels 50
    Number of colors displayed 256
    Number of Industrial Ethernet hardware connectors 1
    Number of PROFINET hardware connectors 1
    Maximum vertical resolution 768
    Maximum horizontal resolution 1024
    Possible default process value (input) Yes
    Possible representation of the process state (output) Yes
    Supply voltage for DC 19.2, 28.8 V
    EtherNet/IP protocol support Yes
    MODBUS protocol support Yes
    TCP/IP protocol support Yes
    Screen diagonal 38.1 cm
    Supply voltage type DC
    Display type TFT
    Degree of protection (IP) of the front part IP65
    Width of the front element 400 mm
    Panel type Touch
    Useful design memory / user memory 2000 kByte
    Height of the front element 310 mm
    With touch screen Yes
    With alphanumeric keypad Yes
    With numeric keypad Yes
    With message/message handling (including buffering and confirming Yes
    With recipes Yes
    With message signaling Yes
    With color display Yes
    Operating temperature range 50 °C


    Additional Product Information
    EAN 4025515076193
    UPC No
    Statistical number of the goods 85371091
    Catalog designation ST9.80
    FAGR 4549
    Group Code R141