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The binary input/output module of the new SIEMENS SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L series – 6ES7147-6BG00-0AB0 draws on known and proven features. Digital input devices record digital sensor signals in the system and transmit them to the controller. It offers improved performance, reliability, accessibility to clear diagnostic data.

8 DIO 24 V DC/1.3 A, 8x M12, PROFINET interface, resistant to vibration and mechanical damage, dust, oil or moisture.

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    The new SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L model series has been updated to ensure high and stable performance under extreme environmental conditions. With even more modern features, the new model series offers improved performance, reliability, availability and data transparency over the previous series (ET 200eco PN).

    The updated SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L – 6ES7147-6BG00-0AB0 draws on known and proven features. Thanks to its die-cast zinc housing, it is highly resistant to vibration and mechanical damage, dust, oil or moisture thanks to its high protection rating (IP67) and its small size, the ET 200eco PN M12-L will make excellent use of its functions when used already at the machine level. The refresh of the series makes it a smooth addition to the I/O ET 200pro and ET 200AL modular series offerings. The modules can be used safely in redundant systems, such as the SIMATIC S7-1500R/H high-availability ring system in tunnel applications and many others.

    The IP65/67-rated metal enclosures in the new series provide operation in temperatures from -40°C to +60°C with vibration forces up to 20G. The devices have two rows of M12 sockets, maintaining a width of only 45 mm. In a compact housing, the modules can be front-mounted horizontally. With the series update, extensive channel-independent diagnostic functions are available to preview the operation of the ET 200eco PN. Diagnostic data is displayed on the device via an LED system and analyzed via software on a PG/PC or via a PLC/HMI. The standard digital outputs of the ET 200ecoPN M12-L can be switched off securely within the power supply system for effective integration of safety applications up to SIL CL 2 or Cat 3/PL. Since only the outputs are disabled, diagnostics are still possible.

    The shared device function means that I/O device channels can be shared between two IO controllers. The use of such distribution enables the smooth introduction of new, flexible automation concepts. With its internal shared module input(MSI) and internal shared module output(MSO), several controllers can have simultaneous, independent access to read the current switching status of the device’s inputs or outputs without additional programming.

    With the MultiFieldbus function, SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L can be used in applications that previously used only Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP. With SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L, the IP65/67 modules can be directly integrated into Ethernet-based field buses to connect controllers from different manufacturers. MultiFieldbus is the right solution when the application is implemented with different controllers (field buses), and the I/O system will continue to be used without modification.

    System accessories Yes
    Allowed input voltage 30, -3 V
    Permitted output voltage 28.8 V
    Depth 49 mm
    Explosion protection category for gases ATEX – explosion protection for gases, cat. 3G
    Explosion protection category for dust ATEX – explosion protection for dust, cat. 3D
    Configurable digital inputs Yes
    Configurable analog outputs Yes
    Number of digital inputs 8
    Number of digital outputs 8
    Number of PROFINET hardware connectors 1
    Wall mounting / direct mounting Yes
    Can be mounted on a rail Yes
    Panel mounting possible Yes
    Supply voltage for DC 20.4, 28.8 V
    PROFINET IO protocol support Yes
    Short-circuit protection, available outputs Yes
    Delay at signal change 4.8, 1.2 ms
    Input current for signal 1 007 mA
    Output current 1.3 A
    Input voltage type DC
    Output voltage type DC
    Supply voltage type DC
    Type of electrical connection Plug-in connection
    Digital output type Other
    Degree of protection (IP) IP65/IP67
    Width 60 mm
    Height 175 mm


    Additional Product Information
    EAN 4025515078081
    UPC 040892549676
    Statistical number of the goods 85389091
    Catalog designation ST76
    FAGR X00R
    Group Code R151