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Serial communication module for SIEMENS SIMATIC ET 200SP – 6ES7137-6AA00-0BA0 communication system for direct connection of automation components for safety-related applications up to SIL 3, Modules feature high channel density and low component variability extends the range of total communication capabilities through additional functions and interfaces

CM PTP, interfaces RS422, RS485, RS232, protocols USS, Freeport/ASCII, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave, 3964(R)


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    Modular communication system for direct connection of automation components, which can easily be used in a variety of applications, increase the flexibility, efficiency and range of total communication capabilities within a distributed system.

    Serial communication module designated as CM PtP for use in SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O system – 6ES7137-6AA00-0BA0, which supports RS422, RS485 and RS232 electrical interfaces, as well as other communication protocols USS, Freeport/ASCII, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave or 3964(R). The module implements data functions I&M0, 1, 2 and 3 and device configuration, system integration or engineering is done using STEP7 TIA Portal software version V12. has diagnostic functions that can address wire breakage, power supply voltage monitoring, and TxD transmission and RxD reception. The compact size of the device of this class is made possible by the use of a high density of channels, the small size facilitates the use of the space saved inside the control cabinet.

    The ET 200SP station system configuration is simple to scale and reasonably cost-optimized extended with a comprehensive base of digital and analog IO modules. The SIMATIC ET 200SP is about 50% narrower than other comparable distributed peripherals. With a height of about 115 millimeters, the system can accommodate 16 channels with single-line connection without AUX plugs. For a 3-wire connection with AUX plugs, the height for 8 channels is 140 millimeters. The depth is 75 millimeters. In order to keep the size as small as possible, the power module for creating load groups is integrated into the SIMATIC ET 200SP system.

    The peripheral modules are marked with different colored elements so that the type of module can be quickly and easily identified. The ET 200SP distributed I/O system offers a wide choice as to digital output modules depending on the required functions. Modules with basic functionality(BA) or standard functionality(ST) as well as modules with more extended features(HF High Feature / HS High Speed) are available.
    Digital inputs for NAMUR sensors and modules for AC voltage from 120 to 230 V, as well as NO and CO relay outputs, are additionally available for this system. Improved features like Oversampling i.e. high-speed parallel data acquisition or rather emission at moderate CPU cycles, provides the user with the ability to specify readings at synchronous and fixed equal intervals within the PROFINET-Transmit timing.


    System accessories Yes
    Depth 58 mm
    Explosion protection category for gases ATEX – explosion protection for gases, cat. 3G
    Explosion protection category for dust No
    Can be mounted on a rail Yes
    Panel mounting possible Yes
    Rack mounting possible (rack) Yes
    Supply voltage for DC 19.2, 28.8 V
    Support for other protocols Yes
    MODBUS protocol support Yes
    Supply voltage type DC
    Degree of protection (IP) IP20
    Width 15 mm
    Height 73 mm
    With galvanic separation Yes
    Additional Product Information
    EAN 4025515082149
    UPC 887621206895
    Statistical number of the goods 85176200
    Catalog designation ST76
    FAGR X03W
    Group Code R151