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SIEMENS SIMATIC HMI COMFORT KTP 1500 6AV2124-1QC02-0AX1 panel is a high-end device, improves communication between the operator and the machine. First choice, used in systems in HMI application.

A widescreen 15″ TFT screen capable of displaying 16 million colors. PROFINET, MPI/PROFIBUS-DP interface. WEC 2013, fully configurable with WinCC Comfort V14 SP1 with HSP. 24MB Configuration Memory.

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    SIMATIC HMI Comfort KTP 1200 panels are designed to operate on high-performance HMI applications that can’t do without mechanical keys in difficult, cramped, hard-to-reach environments.

    The use of SIMATIC COMFORT KTP 1500 touch panel – 6AV2124-1QC02-0AX1 significantly improves communication between the operator and the machine, this has an impact on the efficiency of production processes. The KTP 1500 Comfort operator panel is a solution for efficient applications, regardless of the technological level. The high performance of the panel, the functionality of the SIMATIC series and the integrated interfaces make navigation of advanced applications intuitive and convenient right at the machine level.

    The SIMATIC HMI Comfort KP 1500 6AV2124-1QC02-0AX1 pushbutton panel features state-of-the-art technology, superior performance and functionality.

    The KP1500 Comfort is the mount-compatible successor to the 12-inch Multi Panel MP 377 dongle, and offers 51% more display space, higher screen resolution and improved performance. From its 12-inch predecessor.

    The iF product design award in 2012 was the first for the SIMATIC panel family!

    Complex operating screens can also be clearly displayed and divided into sections for controlling and monitoring applications on the system.

    High resolution, 16 million colors and a wide viewing angle of up to 170° provide excellent readability and a detailed picture of the process right from the machine. Maximized display life by controlling the brightness of the LED backlight, the screen can be dimmed by up to 100% to adapt to any lighting conditions.

    The PROFIenergy system continuously controls the voltage of all automation components, through integration with existing standards, provides the best protection for your investment.Total data security in the event of a sudden power failure. Comfort panels generate enough power to complete all active archives without disruption or problems and backs up data already archived in RDB format. This ensures secure storage of data in the archive in a cost-effective manner and without the use of a battery that requires constant maintenance. Diagnostic systems no longer require additional costs or additional equipment. When connected to SIMATIC controllers, diagnostic information can already be read by the Comfort panel.

    Optimum comfort and cost during startup, operation and servicing. Simple project download with inexpensive standard cables, all Ethernet settings can be made already during setup, automatic backup of all data on SD card provide the highest technological standard in HMI application control.


    Technical data

    KP1500 Comfort


    Computer hardware


    TFT widescreen display of 15.4 inches, 16 million colors


    1280 x 800 pixels


    Membrane keyboard (28 keys),
    36 function keys with LED


    User memory

    24 MB


    2 x RJ 45 for PROFINET (with integrated switch)
    1 x RJ 45 Ethernet for PROFINET (with Gigabit support)
    1 x RS 485/422 for PROFIBUS/MPI
    2 x USB-host, 1 x USB device
    2 x SD card slot

    Degree of protection

    IP 65, NEMA 4x (front if mounted) / IP 20 rear

    Installation cutout

    450 x 291 mm (W x H).


    Front panel

    483 x 310 mm (W x H).


    Depth of the device

    75 mm


    Software features

    Configuration software

    WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) or later



    News classes


    Process photos




    Vector graphics


    Bar graphics


    Curve charts

    f(t), f(x)





    Visual Basic scripts


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    UPC 804766523908
    Statistical commodity number 85371098
    List identifier (LKZ) ST80.1N
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