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SIMATIC S7 memory card – 6ES7954-8LE03-0AA0 is designed specifically for use with S7-1X00 PLC processors, provide secure storage of application programs and other files.


SIMATIC S7, Memory card for CPU/SINAMICS S7-1X00, 3.3V FLASH, 12 MB EPROM

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    Siemens flash memory cards for use with S7-1X00 series processors, provide secure storage for application programs and other files.

    The 6ES7954-8LE03-0AA0 add-on memory card is designed specifically for use with PLC (programmable logic controller) processors that send commands to machines in industrial automation, robotics or automotive applications. The card is an EPROM flash memory which means it is suitable for read-only programs. Thanks to its compact size, the memory can be easily installed in the upper rear of the PLC. The contacts on the back of the card are connected directly to the controller’s electrical power supply to enable fast, stable and high-quality data transfer. The memory enclosure partially protrudes from the controller, so it can be easily removed when the device is turned off.

    12 MB of data capacity provides enough space for PLC command programs. The card lasts up to 10 years, or if the number of write/delete operations is less than 50,000. If the write/erase exceeds 450,000, the life of the card will drop drastically and its efficient operation will last about one year. The previous version of this product was 6ES7954-8LE02-0AA0 card

    Memory card
    SIMATIC S7-1X00 controller
    32 mm
    24 mm
    2.1 mm
    Additional product information
    EAN 4047623409021
    UPC 804766521713
    Commodity code 85235110
    LKZ_FDB/IDDirectory ST72
    Product group 4507
    Group code R111