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The new high-end SIEMENS SIMATIC MTP700 – 6AV2128-3GB06-0AX1 gives you even more power to operate safely in Edge applications. Limitations in the system have been significantly increased, this means that the panel can handle more extensive applications than before. The multitouch technology used in the TFT touch display makes operating the Unified Comfort panels easy even in harsh industrial environments.

Siemens EDGE, Multitouch technology, PROFINET interface configurable with WinCC Unified Comfort V16, 24 V DC power supply.

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    The Unified Comfort MTP700 7-inch panel – 6AV2128-3GB06-0AX1 allows the introduction of modern operating models, today and in the future.

    Operating the panels of the SIEMENS SIMATIC Unified Comfort series with standard work gloves is no problem at all, intelligent detection of encountered operating errors makes them designed for operation in often harsh industrial conditions. The panels of the new Unified series can be operated using a smartphone sets a new standard, the Multitouch technology used in the TFT touch display makes operating Unified Comfort panels easy even in difficult conditions, as well as highly intuitive. The panels combine maximum usability with high color contrast and excellent readability, the maintenance-free web client provides continuous remote access to visualization, regardless of working on site or on a remote device, access can be obtained through a web browser without additional software.

    The modern MTP700 panels support SIEMENS Edge applications. This opens up entirely new possibilities, including: expanding functionality by processing and analyzing data already directly on the machine. The new generation of SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort panels with their high-end capacitive multitouch displays in a range of sizes from 7 to 21.5 inches offer all the freedom, proven quality of the SIMATIC series and new technological capabilities required to implement modern operating concepts. Unified’s panels are extremely powerful, enable easy installation and operation of applications, and further simplify scaling with vector visualization.

    All six sizes of Unified Comfort panels are equipped with the same number of hardware interfaces and exactly the same high functionality. Just choose the right screen size according to your needs, from 7 to 21.5 inches. A proprietary operating system based on SIMATIC Industrial OS offers the highest possible security. In the new Unified panels, interfaces and system applications that are not currently required for operation can be easily deactivated or uninstalled, providing a high degree of flexibility and customization. Despite the open structure and expandability, the panels are safer than ever before. The development of hardware and software is new, the basis of the Comfort panels is always automatic system backup to enhance security and the high quality of the SIMATIC series.

    The new SIEMENS SIMATIC MTP700 hardware – 6AV2128-3GB06-0AX1 – has even more power to offer for safe execution of Edge applications, as well as for fast application visualization. System limitations have been significantly increased, this means that the panel system can support more extensive applications than before. Security and firmware updates are downloaded to the devices directly via the TIA Portal or SIMATIC Automation Tool, so panels can always be easily updated, which in turn translates into maximum security for a very long time.


    Dimensions and weight
    Screen diagonal 7″
    Depth 64 mm
    Width 214 mm
    Height 158 mm
    Weight 1.4 kg
    Power supply
    Supply voltage 24 VDC
    Operating temperature 0 – 50°C


    Additional Product Information
    EAN 4047623411901
    UPC 195125282056
    Statistical number of the goods 85371098
    Catalog designation ST80.1
    FAGR X00F
    Group Code R141