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SIMATIC system power supply – 6ES7505-0KA00-0AB0 Provides a stable and reliable supply voltage for modules in the system, thanks to which the S7-1500 system can effectively control and control processes. Equipped with security functions, also in accordance with industrial safety standards.

Power 25W, 24V DC, Dimensions 35 x 147 x 129mm

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    Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 is an advanced industrial automation system that provides efficient and reliable process control in various industrial applications.

    The SIMATIC system power supply – 6ES7505-0KA00-0AB0 is a component of this system and is designed to supply power to the S7-1500 mounting rail. It provides a stable and reliable supply voltage, which is crucial for the correct operation of the modules in the system. In addition, the power supply is equipped with safety features such as overload protection, thermal protection, short-circuit protection, etc. It also complies with industrial safety standards.

    The mounting rail is an important component of the S7-1500 system, on which various modules such as I/O modules, communication modules, functional modules, etc. are mounted. The power supply supplies the 24 V DC operating voltage to this rail, which is needed to power these modules. The system power supply is an essential component that provides reliable power to the mounting rail and allows the system modules to function properly. Thanks to this, the S7-1500 system can effectively control and control processes in every industry.

    Siemens with the SIMATIC S7-1500 series offers automation that meets all the requirements of the manufacturing and processing industry, optimally selected, high-quality standard components, a number of technological functions used make the SIMATIC series an integral part of comprehensive automation solutions even in the most difficult conditions.

    Depth 129mm
    Output voltage for DC 19.2, 28.8V
    Supply voltage DC
    Input voltage type DC
    Type of output voltage DC
    Width 35mm
    Height 147mm
    Additional Product Information
    EAN 4025515079897
    UPC 887621139629
    The statistical number of the item 85044095
    Catalog designation ST73
    FAGR 4500
    Group Code R132