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SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1500 TM count function module – 6ES7550-1AA01-0AB0 is designed to maximize convenience of use and maximize functionality. The compact size makes it easy to use the space saved inside the control cabinet. The TM function module is versatile for complex tasks in any of the functions of the selected model.

Counter module, advanced expandability, integrated DQ, 6 digital inputs

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    With more than 40 different modules, the ET 200MP modular distributed I/O system is a precisely graded solution that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

    TM technology module is a universal module for use in complex tasks of each function of the selected module: TM Count, TM PTO 4, TM Timer DIDQ, TM Posinput 2. Modules equipped with advanced speed and frequency measurement functions enable the modules to be used for complex tasks. Functional modules offer signal processing at the hardware level for efficient application of the offered functions, as well as precise pulse output. Advanced technology functions such as motion control and high-speed counter are already integrated into the SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU module and can be easily scheduled using STEP 7 (TIA Portal)

    TM Count Function Module – 6ES7550-1AA01-0AB0 is an I/O system that can easily be used in a variety of applications, has an IP20 protection rating, and is designed to maximize application convenience and maximize functionality. The compact size of the device of this class is made possible by the high density of channels, the small size facilitates the use of the space saved inside the control cabinet. A special space for cable management ensures that a high level of aesthetics is maintained inside the control cabinet station.

    SIMATIC ET 200 interface modules offer advanced functionality even without integrated CPUs. Advanced system PROFINET Shared Device provides distribution of large limits of one station configuration between 2 or 4 PROFINET IO controllers. Large configuration limits can be grouped behind an I/O module to link data to different controllers. This saves the installation of further interface modules and the associated costs.

    The ET 200 supports all MSI and MSO functions. With MSI, data from a digital or analog input module can be mapped to up to four IO controllers. With MSO, data that the controller writes to a digital or analog output module can be read back by up to 3 additional IO controllers. In this way, MSI/MSO helps further save on unnecessary wiring. No programming of communication devices or other mechanisms is needed, it simplifies software engineering to the maximum, greatly improves the operation and maintenance of the user program. Changes and adjustments without problems can easily be made at any time without adversely affecting the user’s program.

    With proximity detection on PROFINET (LLDP), ET 200 interface modules no longer require memory cards. This simplifies IM handling during replacement and also reduces costs. If the communicator fails, you can simply remove it and put in a new communicator. The IP address and new name are automatically assigned to the new module by proximity detection. The interface modules are integrated with TIA Portal. In addition, GSD files are available with which the interface modules can be integrated into any engineering tool and operated on any PROFINET-enabled controller. In particular, it makes it possible to optimize the cost of building small-scale stations.

    The ET 200 is ideal for use in advanced plants with very high configuration limits. The connection to PROFINET and PROFIBUS allows installation centrally in a control cabinet or distribution in plants that may cover large areas. In addition to the basic features of SIMATIC I/O systems, additional enhanced variants of SIPLUS Extreme allow to increase the application sites of devices in hazardous areas, for example. The S7-1500 FAIL SAFE ET 200 modules enable the processing of both safety-related and standard programs. Their functional safety is certified in accordance with IEC 61508. They are designed for safety applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849.


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    FAGR 4502
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