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SITOP PSU300S – 6EP1437-2BA20 are widely used worldwide regardless of the business sector in critical network environments thanks to their reliability. It provides a stablepower supply, which is essential for efficient plant operation. SITOP was designed specifically for tasks in this field and has been the first choice for decades, setting the standard for integration, performance and reliability.

SITOP PSU300S, 40A, three-phase regulated power supply: 3 AC 400-500 V Output: DC 24 V/40 A

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    SITOP smart power supplies are versatile and efficient standard power supplies for machines and installations, the SITOP series is also widely used in critical network environments. Regardless of the business sector.

    SITOP PSU300S – 6EP1437-2BA20 stabilized power supply has a lot of capabilities, characterized by small dimensions of the case. The width of the chassis of SITOP smart power supplies is one-third smaller compared to the SITOP modular series. Despite their size, SITOP smart power supplies are perfectly resistant to network overloads, including those caused by non-linear loads occurring after startup. The power supplies at 45°C increase efficiency by up to 120%, with an increased current rating for 5 seconds, even large loads can be switched on without any problems, and with a rated output of 120%, these slim power supplies are among the most reliable of their kind. Siemens in the smart series has provided for the possibility to compensate for the voltage drop on the connection cables, the maximum output voltage of the power supplies is 28 V.

    With their slim design and seamless mounting to side-mounted devices, the power supplies take up little space on a DIN rail. High efficiency ensures low power consumption and low heating and heat loss in the control cabinet, enable powering devices with high switching current and DC/DC converters as well as DC motors. They meet the highest requirements and have many international certifications like cULus, cCSAus and DNV GL. They work with SITOP-Add-ons expansion modules: redundancy module, DC-USV power backup module, SITOP select diagnostic module.

    Performance for the SITOP system starts with a simple selection of devices in the TIA Selection Tool or engineering data for CAE or SIMATIC PCS 7 systems. Compact, efficient thermally optimized design saves necessary space during installation. With flexible inputs with a wide range, stable load maintenance and appropriate certifications, the SITOP series power supplies ensure maximum installation reliability. In addition, with uninterruptible DC power supplies, they can guarantee the safety of the system in case of power failures or additional modules against overloads or short circuits in the circuit. It is also possible to install a redundant power supply.

    24 V
    40 A
    24 V
    400 V AC
    960 W
    340 V
    550 V
    150 mV
    screw clamp
    SITOP300S power supply
    92 %
    718292h _
    0 °C
    70 °C
    150 mm
    150 mm
    145 mm


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