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The SINAMICS CU320-2 PN – 6SL3040-1MA01-0AA0 control unit without a compact flash card, communicates with other components such as motor modules, line modules or sensor modules, and has 12 isolated digital inputs and 8 non-isolated digital inputs/outputs.


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    Special control units for the SINAMICS system are designed specifically for efficient operation with integrated technological functions, ideally suited for pumps, fans or compressors. I/O interfaces, fieldbus interfaces and extensive software features further support the system in an optimal way.

    The SINAMICS CU230P-2 – 6SL3040-1MA01-0AA0 series control unit effectively communicates with its related components, such as motor modules, line modules, sensor modules and terminal modules, via the DRIVE-CLiQ interface. The control unit module has 12 isolated digital inputs and 8 non-isolated digital inputs/outputs. The unit was created efficient work with pumps, fans and compressors. The control unit effectively controls the motion control function, which is used for positioning or speed control tasks performed directly in the drive. The unit provides excellent performance and flexibility in medium to highly complex multi-axis systems thanks to its SINUMERIK NCU control. A PROFIBUS or PROFINET communication interface is standard on the CU320-2 control unit, and extensions such as Terminal Module TM31, Terminal Board TB30 and modules for communication via CANopen or EtherNet/IP are also available.

    The CU320-2 control unit implements communication, open-loop and closed-loop control functions for one or more motor modules and a line module. The CU320-2 control unit is designed for multi-axis operation. The required computing power of the device increases in proportion to the number of motor modules and system components connected to it and in relation to the required dynamics of the devices. In the case of the CU320-2 control unit, the need to increase performance begins with operation at 4. axes. The use of the CU320-2 control unit can be calculated using the SIZER engineering tool.

    The status of the CU320-2 control unit is indicated by colored LEDs. Since the firmware and parameter settings are stored on a CompactFlash card, the control unit can be changed without using additional software tools. The CU320-2 control unit can be mounted on the side of the line module in book format using brackets integrated into the line module. The CU320-2 control unit can also be attached to the wall of the control cabinet with integrated mounting brackets. Since the CU320-2 control unit is not as deep as linear modules, suitable spacers are also available to increase the depth of the CU320-2 control unit to 270 mm.

    Power supply 24 VDC
    6,5 A
    Max. Power consumption 1 A
    Power loss, max. 24 W
    Protection, max. 20 A
    Input voltage -3 – 30 V
    Output current 0,5 A
    Power consumption At 24 V DC, type 3.5 mA
    Output voltage 24 VDC
    L→H delay time 50 µs
    Delay time H→L 150 µs
    Digital inputs/outputs 8
    Digital inputs 12
    Operating temperature 0 – 55 °C
    Weight 2.29 kg


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