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SINAMICS S120 motor module – 6SL3120-1TE26-0AC0 for multi-axis drive systems is part of the SINAMICS S120 modular system for high-performance drive applications, the module can be flexibly combined with all versions of SINAMICS S120.


Single motor module, input: DC 600 V, output: 3 AC 400 V, 60A, frame size: Booksize C-TYPE, internal air cooling

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    The Booksize series of motor modules has been expanded with the addition of new compatible SINAMICS S120 Booksize C- and D-type motor modules, a number of new devices have been added to the existing 3A-30A range. The new motor modules are new sizes (45A/60A) as well as new devices (24A).

    The SINAMICS S120 motor module – 6SL3120-1TE26-0AC0 is designed for multi-axis drive systems and is controlled by a CU320-2 or SIMOTION D unit. SINAMICS S120 Booksize units are part of the SINAMICS S120 modular system for high-performance applications in mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as for various motion control tasks. With a separate power unit and control unit, the SINAMICS S120 Booksize drive system can be perfectly adapted to a wide range of drive tasks, thus offering ultimate flexibility. Adjustable power supply/regeneration to recover braking energy and provide greater stability with line fluctuations. Thanks to the DRIVE-CLiQ interface and the digital connection of all components, SINAMICS S120 Booksize modules can be flexibly combined with all versions of SINAMICS S120.

    24A, 45A and 60A motor modules are available with double overload factor (continuous type C), and the 24A modules are additionally equipped with a triple overload factor (discontinuous type D). The new 45A and 60A series of devices are 33% narrower than previous variants, and are thus extremely compact, saving additional space in the control cabinet. The maximum current in 45A devices has been increased to 90A, while 60A devices have a maximum current of 120A instead of the previous 113A.

    The motor modules are connected to each other via a DC link. Since the motor modules share the same DC link, they can exchange energy with each other, if one motor module operating in generator mode produces energy, it can be used by another motor module operating in motor mode. The DC circuit is supplied with mains voltage by a line module.

    SINAMICS S120 provides a higher degree of efficiency in plants, systems and machines, versatile due to its flexibility, the SINAMICS S120 system allows any combination of power and closed-loop control performance. Thanks to a central intelligent control loop, the performance of vector control and servo control can be adjusted at will. All system components can be parameterized, programmed and run using the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) engineering platform without any discontinuities because the functions are mainly implemented using embedded software. The SINAMICS S120 is integrated with the Safety Integrated universal standardized safety concept and additional safety functions such as STO, SBC, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SSM, SLP, SP, SBT. The system also provides the ability to seamlessly implement SIL 2 (EN 61508) and PL d (EN ISO 13849-1) compliant safety functions.

    Engine power 60A
    Input voltage 600 DC
    Input phase DC
    Input frequency 50 Hz
    Output current 60A
    Starting torque 150%
    Control procedure PWM
    Ambient temperature. 40 – 60
    Installation type Booksize


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