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Schneider Electric Harmony GTU – HMIDT732 specially designed to provide intuitive and advanced process visualization and control in industrial applications.

Display type 1024×768 pixels XGA 15 “standard, number of colors 16M, options USB front (A + Mini-B) brightness sensor, scaler, multi-resistive touch screen.

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    The Harmony GTU series range offers various displays, made of stainless steel. With the Vijeo Designer system, you can easily configure an intuitive user interface for your application.

    Schneider Electric Harmony GTU – HMIDT732 is an advanced 15″ smartphone-enabled operator terminal specifically designed to support intuitive and advanced visualization of management and control in an industrial application. Powered by EcoStruxure™ Operator Terminal Expert (formerly known as Vijeo XD) or Vijeo Designer, Harmony GTU is the first operator terminal with unlimited resistive multi-touch testing.

    Visible on TFT-LCD screen with 1024×768 resolution, visible and visible image. The color display allows the visualization of various parameters and devices. The touch screen enables intuitive interactions, which translates into convenient and quick management of devices and processes. The HMIDT732 has various communication ports, including Ethernet, USB and RS232/485.

    • USB interfaces on the front with IP66 or 67 protection for data access in the operating terminal without having to open the control cabinet door
    • High level of communication thanks to dual serial port and dual Ethernet port, including access to the device via mobile application (Vijeo Design’ Air and Vijeo Design’ Air Plus) and network gateway
    • The robustness allows for less maintenance and then the installation of the components connected to the terminal is installed for installation time

    The panel can be positioned in various ways, both horizontally and vertically. This is a setting with an industrial environment in mind. It has protection against dust, water and vibration. For the configuration and programming of the interface, you can use software that allows you to create a user interface and software with automation systems.

    Harmony GTU panels work with Vijeo Designer visualization software, which allows you to create intuitive and user interfaces.

    HMI (Human Machine Interface) panels serve advanced interaction and monitoring functions, support operators in effective management of processes in factories and production plants. Harmony GTU offers support thanks to its unique technology: it allows you to use the processor with the selected interface.

    1024 x 768
    22 W
    IP66 IP67
    Harmony GTU