1.1 Prices in the Online Store are quoted as Net price, excluding value added tax. The prices presented in the Online Store do not include the cost of transport to the place indicated by the Customer. The cost of transport depends on the delivery option chosen by the Customer and established by the Customer in direct contact with the Seller. In the case of the purchase of cables or wires, the cost of the cutting service may be added in the amount specified in the Offer.

1.2 The price presented in the Online Store before adding the Goods or Digital Content to the Basket is only an invitation to start negotiations and may differ from the price presented in the Offer for Goods or Digital Content. The following circumstances affect the difference in price each time: quantity of Goods or Digital Content, value of the order, method of payment, current promotions, availability of Goods on the EU market. Regular Customers may also have the option of concluding Agreements on terms defined individually for them.

1.3 The Seller offers the following ways of paying the price:

1.3.1 Prepayment to the account – by bank transfer to the bank account indicated at the order confirmation stage sent to the Customer via e-mail.

1.4 The Customer pays the price:

1.4.1 before sending the Goods or Digital Content – using one of the payment methods described in point 5.3.1 of the GTCS,

1.4.3 if the Customer is granted a Trade Credit – after delivery of the Goods or Digital Content:
a) by bank transfer to the account indicated in the order confirmation.

1.5 In the case of deferred payment under the granted Trade Credit, the payment deadline runs from the date of issuing the invoice.


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