The company was founded as Telegraphen Bau-Anstalt von Siemens & Halske in 1847. Today, Siemens is an international concern specializing in automation and digitization in industry, building infrastructure and medical technology. Its core is the listed company Siemens AG.

The company has been divided into sectors and smaller areas of operation. Division into sectors and individual areas of activity, as a rule, are to ensure greater freedom in their development. Energy sector including fossil fuels, wind and solar energy, oil and gas, energy transmission, energy specific services Industrial sector: drive technologies, industrial automation in which products can be found a wide range of HMI panels or solutions in the field of logic controllers and industrial services Infrastructure & Cities Sector: construction technology, mobility and logistics, intelligent energy grid, low and medium voltage technology In the long history of the company, its structure has been adapted many times.

The main factors driving the changes in the structure were the changing market conditions and the company’s orientation. In addition to many small and medium-sized revisions, there have been some fundamental changes at Siemens AG in recent decades.

The goal was to increase the company’s focus on electrification, automation and digitization.


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